Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Being Productive?

I always seem to finish the day with less productivity than I would like. How can I get myself to start 'doing' more? One seems to be the LIST. You know, the to-do list you write and finally finish about a week later rather than the next day. But what if I combined this with another thing, such as the SCHEDULE? I've tried it many times and to be honest, most of the time it has failed (such as I haven't done everything precisely as planned or I haven't finished the list), however, I find that it is usually much better than if I hadn't made one at all! So here's a schedule/list that I have no intention of keeping!!!

Wake up and make pancakes (nothing else to eat!)
Read my Bible
Get crock-pot meal together and book for amazon
Class from 830-245
mail amazon book
Work on Greek and Roman paper due
Write for 1 hour or more (goal of 1500 words)
Return library books and get new ones
clean one room


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