Thursday, February 5, 2009

The end is near...

As I write this, it is six o'clock and the sun is just now setting. That's up from an hour in December! This gives me a lot of hope and faith in knowing that spring really is coming soon. Winter is depressing for me, and February is always the hardest month to get through. But at least this year I have some things to help it go by faster-- events to look forward to. Example-- on Valentine's day, Rob and I are going to attend the Cincinnati Ballet and see Peter Pan and are also going out to eat at a very nice Italian restaurant. That's less than a week and a half away and half way through February! Also, we will be getting our passports this month and going to Cancun in March for Spring Break! This is the most exciting event of all- sun sun sun! I am literally going to just bathe in that sunlight from dawn until dusk. Oh, and Rob and I are thinking about moving into a bigger apartment-- if that happens, then it will be sometime this month, which should make things both more interesting and make the days go by faster. (Hopefully we will get the apartment right across the street!)

Right now we are both almost one week into our half-marathon training. So far, so good. That is if you don't count the painful discomfort of running in itself. Another reason I am rooting for spring's early arrival is that I am tired of running on a treadmill at the gym. I feel like I waste so much time going to and from the place and wish I could just strap on running gear and run around town. But its been way too cold for any outside runs lately. Anything below freezing is more than I am willing to bear. We are going to try and do most of our Saturday long runs outside if at all possible, though, and it would really help if it was warmer! But at least the training program gets me in the gym and my butt moving. If I wasn't working out, I am sure my winter blues would turn into something worse!

So here's a message to winter-- I hate you and so do lots of other people. It would be polite of you to leave.
And to spring-- Everyone loves you and you always smell good- come back and bring the sunshine please!!!

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