Wednesday, February 4, 2009


While reading the Biblical Womanhood blog today, I became inspired to set some personal goals, ones I will actively work on achieving, for the year of 2009. This is different from a resolution, in my opinion, and I have decided to make a few for myself and see what happens. The beginning of the month seems like a great place to start!

Read at least one book (outside of school) a month (until I graduate, then it will go up).

Memorize one memory verse a week and work on memorizing a larger chunk each month. (memorization has always helped me in so many ways, so I really want to get back on track with this).

Write at least 6 pages a week. (this is not that much, but I feel so overburdened with school work. At the very least I should be writing on the weekends!)

Start scrap booking again-- work on a couple of pages each month.

Crochet for at least one hour a week. (this can be broken into 10 and 20 minute sessions!)

Stay on track to run a half-marathon in May.

Give more, spend less. (This is something that I really have a heart to do, but with our small budget, it always tends to seem impossible. However, ever since I learned about advanced couponing, I have a feeling it will be very much possible! I also want to give more with my time in volunteer work- firstly at the food pantry for at least 4 hours each month.)

Join a small group at Crossroads and volunteer at least once a month. (We just joined our new church, and I really want to get connected in ways that will help us meet people and encourage us to grow in our faith!)

Well, that's quite a list of goals, so I think I will just work on tackling these first!!

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