Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Writing Exercise...

So begins my daily writing endeavors. One full hour devoted to writing exercises each day- or at least, until I feel I've got a good stretch. Here was today's prompt...

Write a story that begins with/ends with/ contains..."There's no one here by that name." So, here we go!

"There's no one here by that name," says the lady behind the counter. Panic threatens to overtake my body. What does she mean there's no one here named Walter Folgers? Doesn't she realize that he told me he worked here? Doesn't she realize that I drove all the way from Pennsylvania to see him today, and that I skipped class just to be here. Mind you, a rather important class that I really shoudn't be missing, but what does she know?
The lady behind the counter pushes her glasses back up her nose. They must slide down all the time, how annoying.
"Well are you sure? Maybe you could double check- say, ask around? I know he's here- Mr. Folgers has mentioned this place a million times to me- how could I forget it?" The lady stares at me before replying,
"Honey, I'm sorry. But Mr. Folgers is not here- nor did he ever work here. Are you positive he told you to meet him here? Perhaps he hasn't come in yet? Why don't you sit down in one of those chairs by the window and keep watch." Shuffling her papers, the lady dismisses me and continues her work.
I sit down in one of the red leather chairs in the corner she pointed to- the kind that makes your legs stick to it if its hot out, which it is. Why would Walter not be here? Could he possibly have had an accident? Or maybe he had an appointment that kept him over? Yes, that must be it- he is busy doing his work which is keeping him from meeting me. That's the only explanation, because Walter, most definately, said that he worked here.
As I look around the room, I realize there are no magazines or reading material handy. Maybe these chairs are just for looks and people don't actually sit here- except of course, people like me who are looking for a person who doesn't seem to be there. Just as I'm reaching for my compact mirror to check my hair, I feel a firm hand on my shoulder.
"Miss?" I whip around at the voice.
"WALTER?!" I cry. Because it really is him- in the flesh. And that lady by the counter doesn't know a thing about anything, because I can see that he's wearing a name tag that reads 'Walter Folgers' with the company logo underneath.
"Oh my God! That lady over there said you didn't work here, and I almost thought something had happened, but thank God you're here!" Walter chuckles and takes my hand as I stand up.
"Well. I think you should know something Anna. I don't really work here. I mean, I do, but..." He looks at my confused expression. "Oh its complicated and it doesn't matter- at least you're here!" He smiles and pulls me in for a kiss. I'm so happy I could burst, having not seen him for the past 3 months due to his 'assignment' in Europe.
"I can't believe you're here! I missed you so much!"
"I missed you too". He's nuzzling my neck, and I feel like I'm about to burst with joy!
"We should go out- you know, celebrate! And then you can show me all around the capital! There's so much I want to see!" I can't hide my eagerness, and my voice comes out more like a shriek than anything else. The lady behind the counter eyes me suspiciously over her square red glasses.
"Let's move outside- we can talk there. God, Anna- I'm so happy to see you again."

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