Saturday, September 19, 2009

Planting Mums

Today I bought and planted my garden mums! I was so excited to tour the nursery and pick out the perfect flowers for my small garden. A few of the mums for sale were beginning to show color, but I wanted to be surprised, so I bought three 6" mums that haven't bloomed yet. Although you can't tell much from the photos, soon there will be clusters of yellow, orange and red sprouting from the stems!

Unfortunately, my nursery was out of pot marigold and didn't carry fall blooming crocus, feverfew or sweet asylum. I will have to look around some more. However, with my limited experience in gardening, I think sticking to just a few flowers will be a good thing! As I was checking out, I was sorely tempted to purchase some bulbs for the spring, but had to pass them by since we might move by then!

I'm also looking into possibly planting some kale on the side of the mums. But I'm not sure if I'm ready for vegetable gardening just yet.

I had to dig up quite a bit of weeds, rocks and various dead stems from my garden bed just to get my mums in. I should've taken a before photo considering it looks one-hundred times better now... As I was struggling with one particular root, two of my neighbors walked by and commented on the mums and my gardening. Since flowers are continuously blooming on their side of the building, I can only hope they weren't inwardly laughing at me as I thought 'Oh, dear, am I doing this right?'. Luckily my husband was there to cheer me on!

How are you doing with your fall gardening? Planting anything new for the fall or spring? Leave a comment and share with us newbies your ideas and plans.

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