Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Crafts

Its that time of year again. The malls are packed, the roads are jammed, the stores are lit up, the houses are too, the santas are everywhere and the bell ringers are ho hoing. Credit cards are being maxed out, pine trees line the sidewalks, tinsel is hung and carols are everywhere.

Its Christmas season 2008.

I love Christmas season not for the gifts I receive but the gifts I get to give. I also love the decorations and the lights. The cookies and the warm smelling pastries are great too. This Christmas is extra special, however, since it is Rob and I's first Christmas together. Although a good chunk of it will be spent traveling and visiting with family, there will be time for us to create our new traditions as well.

This year, since we are quite tight on funds (and who isn't when the world economy is in a recession?) we are handmaking all of our gifts this year. Today we went to Hobby Lobby and the dollar store and got our supplies- I can hardly wait to start working on them! So far we have spent 40 dollars total which includes gifts for 6 people. Although the expense of most of our gifts is low, a lot of time will be spent in making it all come together. I won't reveal any secrets here just yet (there could be family members who read this!) but I will say that the things we plan on creating will be priceless. And isn't that the heart of Christmas after all? Sharing and showing you love for others.

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