Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have a confession to make-- I am addicted to coupons. Ever since I stumbled upon some other blogs that discuss advance coupon techniques, I have got the itching to go grocery shopping! How sad that I must wait until Sunday :0). I saw on Wife Swap a couple of weeks ago how you can save with these techniques when a woman bought 80 dollars worth of groceries for 10 bucks. I didn't really buy it at first, but then I learned about all the secrets! So my goal for this next week is-- can I save more than 35 percent on my grocery bill? I usually save around 25 percent with my coupons already, but if I can use some strategy to up it a little more then maybe one day I will be the woman paying next to nothing for her grocery bill!

If anyone is interested in learning how to coupon or live more simply, I highly recommend these sites: <-- You don't have to be a mom to employ these tricks! <-- this site will search all the deals in your area for you and save you time <-- this site allows you to put coupons on your store cards like Kroger

There are so many more, but I think these are the most helpful!

(BTW I think I may be catching the flu :-( I guess that's what I get for taking care of my husband so lovingly when he had it!)

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