Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Do you ever feel like you can never find something when you need it, but always stumble upon the particular item at a time when it's not important at all? That's how I feel, most of the time it seems. Except this time, it involves a more delicate item that you really ought not lose or misplace-- my passport. And since I can't seem to find another important document (my birth certificate) this complicates things. Am I still a legal citizen of the United States if I am without these? How do I prove my identity except through my social security card? Nerve wracking enough here in the US, it sure isn't going to fly when I'm on my way to Mexico.

Yes, Mexico. You see, I need my passport renewed for a spring break trip on the beach! Sounds delightful doesn't it? Well, unless I have the passport, I will be in a bind. Hopefully I will come across it soon, or else I will have to write to the city government in which I was born and pay forty dollars for another copy of my birth certificate. Arrgg, I hope that won't happen.

But until then, these photos occupy my mind. Ahhh, I can almost feel the sun now. :-)

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