Monday, February 23, 2009

Cold go away

Something about being cold makes it hard for me to have any energy. Even after my run at the gym, I get the feeling of wanting to crawl into bed for the next couple of hours.

Its been cold in the apartment lately, because our heat hasn't been working very well-- either its been set to a lower temp or its turning off. Last night, we had the wool blanket on our bed for the first time this winter. Every day I am glad that we're moving and every day I look at the forecast to see if spring is coming any time soon.

This week is not going to be easy, its not going to be fun. I have lots of major assignments breathing down my back that are going to be due. The best news academically is that I actually passed my Abnormal Psych test.

So on to Reading Romans through the Centuries.... ugggggh.

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