Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving on DOWN!

The third floor dweller will cease to be in about 2 weeks. Why you ask? (I know all my non-existant fans will be disappointed!) Well, we're moving down the street to the FIRST FLOOR!!

I cannot begin to explain my excitement of not having to walk up and down 40 stairs everyday. But I have wondered-- will this lack of exercise make me less in shape?? I'm not really sure, but we'll see. I'll still have to walk down to do the laundry, so some stairs will be required. Maybe I'll be walking around more because I'll have more energy and nothing will really change?

But, life in #3 will continue to be-- we're moving into apartment 3 again! Must be a lucky number!

So, I'm going to need some ideas for a new blog. A personal finance blog? A couponing blog? A training blog? A travel blog? A hiking and backpacking blog? I'm not sure. A Writing blog? No, that one would be self redundant and I'm not that great of a writer.

Fellow fans, vote!

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