Friday, February 20, 2009

New Blog

I've started a new blog called Wallet Wise, and its going to specifically be my outlet for all things coupon and budget. I'm excited about it, because I have been reading so many others, and I know that there are definitely some things that I would like to include aside from them! We'll see how this works out!

I've decided to make a list of things that I was able to accomplish today. Sleeping in late and barely leaving the apartment sometimes makes you feel as if you did nothing at all. However, today I managed to...
  • Get my run in (Had to go to the gym for this, but I was able to do my first sprint workout on the indoor track-- it felt good to work so hard!)
  • Picked up boxes at Kroger and Odd Lots
  • packed up all DVDs, books, some office stuff, the dining room and kitchen decor, china, and wall decor
  • wrote my Friday Fun post for Wallet Wise
  • Did Laundry (ok, well, Rob did the laundry- but hey! No one wants to walk up and down 50 stairs like that!)
  • organized my igoogle page
  • ordered free prints from Walgreens
The day has come and gone without my consent. At least there's tomorrow to look forward to.

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