Saturday, March 28, 2009

10 Mile Run and Feeling Great

Yesterday we had to get up quite early for our long run- 5am- because Rob had to leave at 7:30 for a weekend trip with school. I was worried that I would be too tired to do the run and also scared that it would be painful like last week. My previous runs this week had not been very good- I was struggling with 3 miles and 5 miles! However, I ate healthy this week- loads of fruits, veggies and whole grains. The night before we went to an Italian restaurant to carbo-load- so food wise I did as much as I could to prepare. The result? The run was AWESOME!

It's truly a milestone that I am running double digits now. I never thought I would get here! During the run, I thought for sure that I would start to get some kind of pain and want to stop, but I didn't! The darkness and early morning fog really helped change things up though. It was kind of creepy running through the mist at an hour when everything was still asleep, but at the same time it was exhilarating. I know for a fact now that I will be able to run this half-marathon without a problem- I even felt like I could go on after I was done with the ten miles!

So, I guess the lesson learned here is to stick with it- the running does get easier and it does get better! AND I think morning runs are my new thing :-) .

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