Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keeping it Clean: The Bathrooms

So, I have to admit, I am not doing very well adhering to my "rules" for all of our rooms. Such is the product of a too busy life. However, I am trying which is more than I could say before I even had the rules. Thankfully, the bathrooms have remained somewhat tidy thanks to my new system- so at least that's one room of refuge!

1. Wipe down the sinks once every day. This has really helped prevent our most commonly used area from evolving to a state of grossness. Hair, it seems, always tends to fall out of my head onto the sink every day! If I did not clean it up, why, I think it would look like an animal lived there. Plus, if I don't do this, then grime builds up, making it both unattractive as well as bacteria infested.

2. Keep the counters clear minus a few things. Eliminating clutter on the sinks not only helps in cleaning it each day, but it looks much more attractive and clean even when you don't get to it. Put away things in cabinets and under the sink. As you can see, I have a small basket to hold the things I need to keep out, so use one if you need it. Otherwise, clear out the clutter! It often helps to use this time to go through your bathroom cabinet- there are probably things in there that you have touched in months, or maybe years! Throw out the products and items you don't use anymore to make room for the ones you do.

3. Rotate between two sets of towels every week. If I do not do this, then we don't know when the last time a particular towel was used and whether or not it's time to wash it. Rotating a specific set of towels every week helps to eliminate this confusion. It also helps prevent you from using every towel you own in less than a week, which always tends to leave the back of your door swamped with used towels!

I hope these rules inspire you to help keep your bathrooms clean and tidy. After all, when an unexpected guest drops over, you don't want them to cringe after they've asked to use the bathroom! Instead, they will think, these people are very clean and tidy!
What rules do you abide by in keeping your bathroom clean?


Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

I'm soooo bad about towels!!! But we only use white towels, so I can't hide it when they're dirty. That's my solution. :)

Another trick that I have for keeping the bathroom clean: when I'm in the shower, I get water on the bottom of my foot and run it around the edge of the tub, where dust likes to accumulate. I only notice or think about the dust when I'm in the bathroom, so I never remember to Swiffer it when I'm doing the rest of the house. It's not perfect, but it keeps the tub from looking furry.

Emily said...

I try to adhere to the first two rules, too. One thing I find helpful is to keep a basket on the back of the toilet with all the items we use every day (deodorants, lotion, make-up, & Ryan's razor). Everything else is stored either in the cabinet under the sink or the linen closet. This helps prevent too much clutter from building up.

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