Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Official!

I am now registered for the 2009 Cincinnati Flying Pig Half-Marathon!!! There's really no turning back now, especially since we paid 120 dollars (:-0). It's a weird feeling registering for a race- I put in my expected finish time as 2:20:00. That's the time I want to beat, seeing as Tara from the Biggest Loser was able to pull off a 1:24 time on a flat indoor track. I use her as my inspiration for runs now!

Ok, so here are some of my fears: that I'll get trampled in the beginning, that I'll get lost (this has happened to me before!), that I won't beat my time, and being ready to run at 6:30am!! Ahh! But, I think, hopefully, I will be ok...?

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