Thursday, March 19, 2009

When your body says NO!

What do you do when your body protests to the stress you put it under? For the past week, I have wrecked havoc on my body through intense stress and anxiety that resulted in a severe lack of sleep. I realized today that I needed to do something when I took a 3 hour nap and woke up feeling like I could sleep for another 8 hours!

As much as I wanted to run, I knew I couldn't- it was more important for my body to rest at that point. So, this week I have not run at all, having missed a total of 3 runs with a 9 miler due on Saturday. At this point in my training, however, I know I will be ok and able to get through that long run without having ran through the week. Its not going to be easy, but I know it was the best choice for my body at the time.

How does your body react to stress? Do you ever have to slow down and take a break or a rest day in order to get back on track? How does lack of sleep impact your training?

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