Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I don't know why I have this tendency to procrastinate things all the time. I mean, I think I have some kind of disorder! Or it could just be a dose of senioritis!

I'm in the library right now with a midterm hanging over my head and an ugly assignment that has been laughing at me ever since I attempted to finish it. This place is eerily deserted- am I the only one with a midterm tomorrow?! (ok, wait someone just walked in, that makes me feel a little bit better) But seriously, the campus is strangely void of students right now- it makes me wonder where everyone went- or are they all shut up in their dorm rooms studying too? I sure hope so! Maybe everyone went to dinner- yes, that must be it. I wolfed down 2 hot pockets at the coffee shop before heading up here- not the best for my digestive system or my studying habits. I feel like falling asleep right now!

Ok, I must go back and focus, or it will be off with my head tomorrow when I am given that exam booklet.

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