Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keeping it Clean: Part 4- Bedrooms

Our final installment of Keeping it Clean has come, and along with it a discussion on bedrooms. You know, the place where you sleep, dress and relax. The place where you can simply close the door and all the mess magically vanishes and your mind is left free of guilt!

Sorry, but that is simply not the right thing to do. Company may not see your bedroom, but you are the one who may be losing sleep from a cluttered atmosphere! Time to change folks and cultivate a space of harmony and cleanliness that fosters rest and relaxation rather than stress.

Our Bedroom:
Our Guest Bedroom: (please disregard the ugly linens and what's reflected in the mirror. Linens were donated by Grandma and the other side of the room is a work in progress!)Rules!

1. Keep surfaces clean of clutter minus one or two items. As you can see from the photo, my husband and I each have some sort of nightstand where we store the things we need in the drawers, out of view. Only the alarm clock and two books are allowed to grace the top. It keeps the bed area from becoming over-cluttered.

2. Make the bed each day. I know your mother told you this, and now I am here to cheer her advice on! Making your bed really makes the room feel cleaner and more inviting. I find I actually want to go into my room when the bed is made versus when it is not.

3. Put away all clothes immediately after changing. This is a personal one that I struggle with, since I love to create huge piles of clothes from the week in the corner of our room. My husband however, absolutely loathes it when I do this, so I know something needs to be done. In our old apartment, we had our closet in the living room, which is what created this habit. However, now we each have our own separate closets, so there really is no excuse. Besides, who wants musky smelling clothes anyway!

I hope you have enjoying this series on maintain your home, and I pray that it inspires you to take back your rooms you previously thought were lost. We all can be great keepers of our homes and cultivate them into spaces of serenity one step at a time!!

What sort of rules do you have for keeping your bedroom clean? Have your cleaning habits changed over the years and how do you keep them up?

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Emily said...

More great rules! Ryan is usually pretty good about putting his clothes either in the hamper or on top of the dresser when he changes--as long as they aren't on the floor, I'm happy!

And one of us usually makes the bed, unless we are super busy. Those two things really add up to help the room feel neater!

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