Monday, May 11, 2009

Homemade Curtains!

Yesterday I finished sewing some curtains for the guestroom in anticipation for our guests this week. I am so proud of them! The color looks very nice and picks up on the green from my small window garden.

We bought the curtain rods today and I immediately hung them up. However, to my horror, they were uneven! I made two sets of the curtains since the window was so long and thought I had cut the fabric evenly- until I saw the 2 inch discrepancy! So down they went. I measured and pinned and ironed and got all set to re-hem the bottom again, only to be greeted with a slight thud from my machine as I began to sew- I had snapped the needle in two! The needle was likely quite old since I haven't sewn in 3 years. Sadly I did not have any replacement needles. But I was so excited about them, I couldn't wait- I hung them up, pinned and all. You can't even notice! See if you can tell which side is pinned rather than sewn!

I hope to post more sewing projects and some how-to posts in the future!

UPDATE: I have written an article explaining how I made these curtains, step by step. Click here to learn how to make your own!

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