Sunday, May 10, 2009

Graduation and Guests

Graduation is mere days away now. It seems unreal, but yes, there is a black parachute gown hanging in my closet, waiting for me to put it on. I don't know how I will feel when I finally am declared a graduate- I've always thought I would cry, but I think I may be too happy to shed any tears!

Rob's family is coming to visit for the event. I feel quite honored, since they live in Oklahoma and Texas and can only stay for the weekend. But to be honest, I am flipping out a bit. I mean, our apartment isn't that big, and adding 3 adults is going to make things rather interesting. 5 people to one little shower and bathroom. Ekkk. At least we have a big enough kitchen!!

So, in preparation for this weekend, I decided to make meal planning this week quite simple. Breakfasts for dinner, cooked ahead chicken with frozen veggies, skillet meals and plenty of frozen pancakes and cookies. I'm also planning on making a batch of muffins and banana bread just to have other choices for those who may not like eggs and cereal everyday.

Today I was able to finish the curtains for the guestroom, which, although they are simple, I am rather proud of. They are the first thing I have sewn since Freshman year of college (3 years ago!). I am also looking forward to making a ton of cloth napkins (thanks goes to Emily for showing me how!) this week. It feels good to have time and energy to sew again!

The only thing left to do in preparation for our guests is to buy a comforter or quilt and curtain rods and wash all the linens. I'm hoping this will be a great time for our family to reconnect and spend time with each other, and hopefully our home will be comfortable and ready for their arrival!

(P.S. This is the very first visit of the in-laws. ;-)

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