Friday, May 8, 2009

10 pages LOST

***EDIT*** I've found them! Whew!

Today was the day I decided to whip out the novel I've been working on this year. The plan? Attack with a red pen after printing the 50 plus pages out. I haven't really worked on it since Spring Break, where I magically composed 10 wonderful pages of manuscript.

Well, uhem, the pages are missing. MISSING! (eerie music in background)

I have combed through every file on my computer, only to realize that I must've have deleted the updated version before saving it on my backup drive. I haven't written anything for almost two months, so I am only just realizing this!!!

I am so upset right now that I could cry, but even that I cannot do because of the frusteration and the silent hope I have. Oh, those ten pages were good. I know they were, because I was on vacation while writing them. I distinctively remember sitting on the balcony with Cancun breezes blowing through my hair as my fingers typed furiously across my keyboard. I remember finishing chapter four and starting chapter 5, along with an unexpected plot twist- though what that was I now cannot remember.

Have any of you ever experienced a similar loss? If you have a mac, do you know if there is any hope for deleted files- or do they go into the deleted file grave where decomposition takes over?

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