Thursday, June 4, 2009

Writing and Summer Schedule

The past two weeks have been the weirdest of my life. Now that I am graduated from college, I don't have to worry about school work in any form. This is weird because I usually spend my days either in class or working on a class assignment with little time left for all the other things that need to be done in life.

Last week I did pretty well getting into a grove of writing everyday. I still am. It's just, well different. My husband isn't able to get many hours at his part-time job, and so that makes it interesting around here. We also have been bogged down with family obligations (little sister graduated, Memorial day, little sister party, weekend at a cabin with Dad...) June feels like its flying by, and its only begun! Between all of our commitments, I only have the rest of this week and next to write. After that, we're off to the Grand Canyon! Although I am very excited about this trip, I am also nervous about not being able to write everyday. Since I started several projects that will provide residual income, I really want to keep producing. So I need to figure out a way to keep on writing even when I'm out west. You can only stare at so many cactus!

I'm thinking about coming up with a few goals for the next two weeks. Instead of daily ones, I am going to try out 14 day goals. And I am going to budget my time well. And I am going to come up with a game plan for writing on vacation. Sound good? Well, lets hope I stick to it! Its really is hard getting the motivation to accomplish things when you create your own deadlines!

On another note, I have really gotten into the bread baking. Last week I baked 2 successful loaves, although they were a bit crumbly. Yesterday I baked a whole-wheat loaf. It did not rise as much, but came out very dense and delicious. I'll definitely be baking some more in the next week or so. And as soon as I find my camera, I'll post the pictures on here.

And here's a question for you, my dear readers:
How does summer change your schedule?

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