Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Decorating

The first day of autumn has arrived, and I've been busy putting up my fall decorations around the apartment. Most of the decor is from last year, which was our first fall together as a married couple, so the pieces are small and few. But I love how fall-like it already feels with them all in place!

Here's the top of our entertainment center. I bought the fabric for a dollar at Hobby Lobby (it desperately needs ironed, I know). The pumpkin was on sale for a dollar and the fake leaves/flower arrangement were on sale for 50% off. The 'Happy Harvest' sign is from last year, and I think I got it for really cheap during Hobby Lobby's end of season sale.

The other end of my entertainment center hosts a beautiful candle stand I bought for one dollar (!) at a garage sale a couple weeks ago. The candles were just ones I had on hand.

This is our jack-o-lantern wall hanging I also bought from Hobby Lobby last year. In our previous apartment we hung it outside our door, but since we can't do that in our current apartment, I hung it up next to the door. It's like it's grinning 'goodbye!' every time we leave.

I am most proud of the kitchen table. Although simple, the colors just scream fall and harvest time. The tablecloth is just broadcloth I got for $3.30 from Hobby Lobby. The centerpiece is a glade candle I got for free on a CVS trip. I made a candle ring from a leaf garland I had from last year (less than 5 bucks). There was still enough garland left to grace our bookshelf too!

So there you have it! I plan on adding more Halloween touches in preparation for our party next month. I'm also going to add a centerpiece for the coffee table, decor for the main bath and other little things as time and money permits. Don't you just LOVE fall? Now if only the weather would get the memo...


Hoosier Homemade said...

Everything looks so nice! Great job! Thanks for joining in the fun at the Fall Fest!

Diann said...

Hi Rachel! thanks for stopping by my blog. I went to a different Family Dollar store tonight to see what goodies they had for Fall and they had nothing. So, you may have to hit a few different stores t pick up a couple of cute autumn items.

Kara said...

I love the candle stand! What a great find! The Happy Harvest sign is super cute too. Gotta love those Hobby Lobby clearance sales!

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