Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- 1/11/10

Although it has been absent from this blog the past couple weeks, Menu Plan Monday has returned! This week we are on a limited budget since I overspent the first week in January while shopping at the brand new Kroger Marketplace in town. I seriously need to avoid that place at all costs! The food is displayed so beautifully, how could I not spend money? So this week I am sticking to Aldi and the Meijer sales. I might venture into Kroger one time to snag some free toothpaste (after coupon is doubled), but that will be it!

Menu Plan, week of January 11th
Rob works 4-9 mon/ 4-9 wed/ 4-9 thurs/ 10-3 fri/ 2-9 sat (This means I need to pack him dinners these nights)

Oatmeal or cereal with fruit x1
Muffins (Bran) x2
Scrambled eggs, toast x2
Whole wheat waffles and fruit x2

Salad, yogurt and bread or bran muffin x2
Turkey hotdogs w/ carrots and dip x1
PB&J and chippies and carrots and dip x2
Grilled cheese, fruit and chips x1
Mac and Cheese w/ turkey hotdogs x1
OR leftovers

MON- Crock-pot potato soup W/corn bread (MAKE IN AM)
TUES- Homemade Tomato Soup W/ grilled cheese
WED- Sausage and Potatoes w/ zucchini and Fresh Bread (MAKE IN AM)
THUR- Beef Stew w/ leftover cornbread (MAKE IN AM)
FRI- Tacos w/ Black Beans and Lime wedges
SAT- Leftovers
SUN- Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies (going out on a limb here…)

String cheese
Fruit- cantaloupe, oranges, Clementines
Popcorn, freshly popped
Freshly baked bread and butter
Bran Muffins!
Small salad
Cold cereal
Cookies or chips

I like to plan out every meal, since it just makes it easier not to overspend! For more menu planning inspiration, head over to Organizing Junkie.

Be on the lookout for new recipes on Life in #3 in the upcoming weeks!


Emily said...

Aww you're making roast chicken! You'll do great :-)

And the new design looks awesome, by the way! Very cheerful!

Netta said...

I'm so happy to have found your menus.
We eat 3 meals a day at home (all 7 of us)
and countless snacks.
Thanks for sharing your idea.
Happy Week.

Rachel said...

I'm glad my menu plan is able to help! I'm home all day as well, so planning out ALL of the meals is crucial. It really helps things run smoother this way!

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