Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cloth Diapering: You're Kidding, Right?

Cloth diapers. Just the word would freak me out. I mean, seriously, how is the issue of poo really handled? Wouldn't it be time consuming to repeatedly wash cloth diapers? Let's just say, I was not tuned into the idea.

Enter pictures. Aww, now they look cute! Pictures of little baby bums clad in colorful and soft fabrics had me gushing. So I checked them out; did a little research.

Verdict? My adversion has vanished. No, I won't be heading into cloth diapering full frontle like some of my friends and fellow bloggers. BUT I am open to the idea. In fact, I find myself browsing cloth diapering sites more frequently. In fact, if this keeps up, Little Olive (who is growing in my belly) might just enter the world with a secret stash of these puppies.

Prefolds, Inserts, AIOs and fitteds are slowly and unexpectedly entering my day to day vocabulary. This could get very interesting folks.


Da Mama said...

Hey Rachel! My sister, Stacy, sent me to your site. I tried cloth diapers this last year with my second daughter. I found that they weren't as difficult as I thought and did save us money on disposable. I actually used just plain pre-folded cloth diapers (like you use for burp cloths) and then bought a few velcro and plastic covers. The velcro covers held the diapers in place so I didn't even have to use pins. I would use disposable for naps and nighttime, then I only had to wash diapers every other day. And I only used about three disposable a day rather than 6-8. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you. I am excited for you and your coming baby!

Eric said...
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