Monday, March 1, 2010

A Sudden Turn of Events...

I've been blogging here at Life in #3 for a little over a year now. Since that initial post, this blog has taken many forms, and I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about blogging and becoming a part of the wonderful online community.

But now, I've realized, it is time to move on. To explore something new, fresh and exciting. It is time for me to let Life in #3 be just as it is- the documentation of our lives while living in apartments number 3 in Ft. Thomas, KY. To morph it into something else would be disrespectful.

So, as I make the move from married college student and transition into my role as a mother and dedicated writer, it is time for a new blog- one that emcompasses more of who I am and what my family is all about.

Our move into a new apartment in a new city has and will require us to pack our belongings and start somewhere fresh. And Life in #3 will be packed up as well... It's a bittersweet farewell, but I'm excited for what's next!

Thank you for reading and sharing here with me this past year, it's been quite the ride!

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