Monday, March 16, 2009


Spring, I think, has finally decided to come back to Cincinnati. I saw flower buds coming out of the ground near our apartment and it made me smile. With the warmer weather, I feel so much happier, its not even funny. Rob certainly likes my much improved mood, and it has helped in my motivation for doing things again. Yesterday we played tennis for an hour and I wore a T-shirt and comfy pants and got sweaty! Yes for the sun! I didn't play too bad either- maybe I play better when I'm not freezing my butt off.

With spring has come the anticipation of graduation. I feel like I'm waiting for my wedding all over again! Only this time, the actual event will have been planned for and worked towards for my entire life. Cheeeya- I hate school, always have, always will. Only 61 more days to go!!!!!!!!! To celebrate, we're going backpacking for two weeks in Minnesota to finish up a trail we did half of in August. We're also going to see something I have been wanting to see since I was a child-- The Grand Canyon! I think there must be lots of inspiration for writing right around the corner...

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