Thursday, August 6, 2009

New E-Book for Sale- Everyday Meals

Today, I'm pleased to offer a special e-Book for my readers. This e-Book, Everyday Meals and Planning, is a great resource for beginner cooks. Perhaps you have been raised without any formal training in the ways of the kitchen. This book is your guide to learning the ropes and includes special sections such as
  • Penning a Menu
  • Shopping List Basics
  • Navigating the Grocery Store
Part II includes a section on main dishes, appetizers, meal ideas, crock-pots and trusty tips.

Some of the recipes have been featured here on Life in #3. All of them are easy to learn and inexpensive to make.

I originally wrote this cookbook as a Christmas gift for my sister, and since then, I have given it to many others who want to learn how to cook and menu plan for the first time. Now I am offering it to my readers at a special price of only $5. You can purchase the e-Book through a paypal link on my sidebar.

If you need further proof that this is a real e-Book designed just for beginner cooks, click here for a preview of what it offers.

My sister went from being clueless in the kitchen to making many meals from scratch! I hope this book does the same for you and becomes a handy reference as you navigate your way through the kitchen.

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