Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 2: Christmas Countdown

Can you believe it's already week 2 of our Christmas countdown?! I hope you were able to accomplish the goals from last week, as there is much to think about this week. Here is the list:
  • Divide Christmas card list into five groups. Write and address one group this week.
  • Make a holiday budget. Work together with your spouse to set a comfortable level of holiday spending. We make it easy with our printable holiday budget form. Add a printable master shopping list to speed errand days.
  • Do your visual field a favor with a quick decor declutter. A clean sweep now makes holiday decorations all the more impressive!
  • Set up a holiday housework plan. Print our chore checklist form. Post it publicly and hold family members accountable for delegated tasks.
  • Make a family wardrobe check. Fill out the family wardrobe worksheet, and put any "To Buy" items on your shopping list.
  • Print a master shopping list, to organize shopping excursions through the holiday season.
  • Do you keep a gift closet, adding new gift items year-round? Take inventory now, before you shop for holiday gifts. Use our printable gift closet inventory form.
  • Establish good health habits to cushion you and your family from holiday stresses. Focus on regular bedtimes, proper diet, mild exercise and stress reduction.
  • Perform a tabletop check. Inventory serving pieces, table linens, china and flatware. Check store flyers for sales. Will you be ready to set a pretty holiday table?
  • Schedule family haircut appointments.
  • Check smoke, carbon monoxide detectors on Time Change Sunday. Change the batteries and test detectors to keep your family safe.
-from the Christmas Countdown webpage

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to get your Christmas planner organized and ready. I confess, I am still working on my planner! I've been struggling with morning sickness the past week, so I may be running a bit behind. But I encourage you to stay on task!

Start buying gifts now while the lines at the mall are still short and traffic is light. Since Halloween is over, most stores are in full-scale Christmas mode, so there is sure to be plenty of decorations to help get you in the mood!

I personally love the idea of breaking the Christmas card writing into a groups. That makes it so much more manageable. A holiday budget is also essential. My husband and I began saving for the season in August, so we are prepared to spend a set amount of money. Avoid using credit cards for gifts, since this can cause great financial strain if not paid in full.

Be on the lookout for special early sales a store might be having in attempt to ring in more customers. This is also the perfect time to start looking at decor in places like Hobby Lobby, since inventory tends to run out fast and it may not be stocked as high this year because of the recession.

Don't forget to link to your current Christmas countdown projects here!

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