Sunday, October 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week's two-week menu plan is a bit different from normal, due to the fact that DH and I will be taking a trip next weekend. Our plan is to backpack in Great Smoky Mountains National Park for 4 days and 3 nights, meaning menu planning this week was a bit more challenging. For all of you interested on what meals you can make in the backcountry, I have provided our dinners for the trip as well. We'll be hiking an average of 10 miles a day, so loading up on calories is essential!

Stay tuned for more recipes this week on request from a friend!

Menu Plan, Week of 10/4/09- 10/17/09

  1. Egg noodles and sausage
  2. Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli
  3. Crispy Ranch Chicken with Mashed Potatoes (homemade) and Peas
  4. Sausage and Potatoes with Bread/Butter or leftover breadsticks
  5. canned/frozen veggie, leftover chicken or marinated chicken
  6. Chunks of Potato Soup OR Crock-Pot Chili
  7. Green Beans, Potatoes (can) with Ham
  8. Pizza- frozen
  9. Pizza- frozen
  10. Backpacking-Hotdogs, Knorr Side, cookies
  11. Backpacking-Ramen Noodles, Saltine Crackers, cookies
  12. Backpacking-Chicken (canned) tortillas with mild sauce, Knorr Side, cookies
  13. Backpacking-Fast Food on way home
  14. Open
  • PB&J/ Turkey and Ham Sandwiches, chips/crackers, fruit, yogurt
  • Black Bean and Corn Burritos, rice
  • tomato soup and grilled cheese
  • chicken noodle soup
  • waffles
  • mac and cheese with PB&J
  • Leftovers
Breakfasts (2x ea)
  • Waffles- fresh and frozen
  • eggs and sausage with toast
  • Bacon, hashbrowns, toast
  • Cereal/ hot oatmeal
  • yogurt, eggs and toast
  • Chocolate chip muffins
  • Banana Bread
  • yogurt
  • popcorn
  • chips/crackers
  • granola bars
  • fruit/raisins
  • bread/butter
  • muffins (BAKE)
  • cookies (BAKE)
  • cake (BAKE)
  • pretzels and dip
  • pumpkin/banana bread
For more menu planning ideas, visit Organizing Junkie.


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Have a good time in the mountains!

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