Thursday, October 15, 2009

Frugal Meals to Fall Back on When Money is Tight

Saving money on groceries does not have to translate into sacrificing health. If you've followed my menu-plans, you may have noticed that I like to plan quite a few low cost meals every week. Many of these meals are easy to make and cheap to buy for. I wanted to make a "master list" of all my frugal meals I fall back on when the grocery money is low. This list is forever growing as I try out and discover new recipes. I hope this gives you ideas if you need to cut back one week or are trying to save money on grocery shopping!

(NOTE: the price calculations are based on what I pay for the ingredients when they are on sale or off-brands. I do not factor in cost of condiments/pantry items since I always have these on hand)

Frugal Fall Back Menu "when money is short"


heartnsoulcooking said...

THANKS!!! for visiting my blog and the comment.
I have become a follower of your blog, come by and visit anytime and maybe become a follower of my blog. Geri

darnold23 said...

I wanted to thank you for posting to Crock Pot Wednesday and to let you know that Mister Linky is up for this week's event. There's a giveaway going on:)I like your detailed menu. There are some great ideas there.

Jolyn said...

I liked a lot of these ideas and implement many of them... Unfortunately, I married a carnivore. "If it ain't got meat, it ain't a meal!" But a lot of these dishes you suggested are not much more expensive if you slip in a half a sausage link or so...

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